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Important tips while wearing suits and shirts

Style and sophistication, goes hand in hand in only one word i.e. Suit. The better and unique the suit is, the more dashing and stand out you become at any party or event. There is a particular way or method you should follow while wearing suit and shirt failing to which you will look lousy and clumsy. There are many branded stores to offer you best in class suiting and shirting fabrics in Neelankarai but very few of them can customize the style for you as per your body shape. Here, you will get to know about some important tips regards to wearsuiting and shirting. Always remembers suiting and shirting fabrics may come with a little cost but the look they provide is unmatchable.

  1. The last button of your suit should always be open. Never make it close when you are walking, standing or talking to someone. It may not hamper your reputation but does show your perfection attitude.
  2. The moment you sit down wearing you suit button closed, it makes you look sulking inside of it. Make sure to open them before sitting as its will show your relaxed approach thereby making you comfortable.
  3. If you are wearing a tie, do make sure to close all the buttons of your shirt and then before putting your suit on. On the other hand, ties are another sophisticated piece of clothing those need careful attention while wearing.
  4. If you are going for dark coloured suit, do make sure a proper silk light coloured cloth for your suit pocket. It will highlight the softer side to your personality and balance the dark and light ratio of your clothing.
  5. You should never wear a sports watch. It is highly unacceptable among the elites, as they prefer to wear sophisticated watch.
  6. Always make sure, the tie you are wearingis in the middle of your shirt and is covering the buttons, also it should just touch the “belt”. Yes, you need to ear an authentic shinning belt.
  7. Shoulder pads of your suit should be complimenting your shoulders. Don’t make them tipsy to the sides; you don’t want wide shoulder pads as it is out of fashion, long time ago.

These are some of the small tips to be kept in kind while wearing suit and shirts. If you need custom made suiting and shirting fabrics in Chennai, consider Syed Azeez & Sons as your ideal helping partner.

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