Marriage Suits for Mens in Chennai, Sowcarpet

How to choose a suit that best fits your body ?

A crappy suit is enough to ruin your image in a party without requiring you to do anything extra. While choosing suits, most men make mistake. Either they end up with buying too long, too large or too outdated. The same thing will not happen if you will choose the right fit for your body.

Marriage Suits for Mens in Chennai, Sowcarpet

For instance, if you are short, go for a two-button jacket. It should come 4-5 inches below your hip and there should be no break in the trousers. Instead of sport color, go for a dark one. A single color from top to bottom will make you look better.

If you are among stocky torso men, a windowpane pattern coupled with vertical pinstripes will do the wonder. There is a rising popularity of such marriage suits for mens in sowcarpet these days. You can also go for a two-button suit in this case. It will not only emphasize your shoulders but also lengthen the torso thereby making you look slim.

Slim guys have more advantage than anyone. They can go with a narrow or standard lapel that is 2.5 inches wide. Some are also preferring double-breasted fit as the best suits for men in sowcarpet.

Lastly, the tall guys, they should stick to a three-button jacket. A two-button jacket will not be able to elongate their frame. Most important, avoid cropped jacket and pants. In case, you want to make a customized suit for yourself, consider Syed Azeez & Sons (SA Tailors) as your helping hand as we have been maintaining a reputation of tailoring best Marriage suits for mens in Chennai since 1969.

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